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When it’s just too good not to pass along…


By the time you are reading this, I will be well into a marathon Wednesday…one of those where I go from one thing to the next for about 14 hours….

but I knew you may stop by; so I want to share something to encourage you.

I am passing along a great sermon/teaching that I listened to as I walked tonight…from Eastview Christian Church pastor Charlie Welke from November 15 entitled “Doorkeeper”


Charlie hits it right on as he speaks about longings and homecomings…and I might have possibly scared some people on the track as I nodded my head, said “Amen!” and wiped not a few tears away as he expounded on Psalm 84…

One of my favorite parts (and it is not the main one, so by all means please listen to this when you have time!!) was a story about Ruth Graham…she was caught in traffic once time and, by her confession later, was not acting very “Graham-ish”….as Charlie says, she wasn’t singing praise songs and praying for the salvation of the world.

Apparently she was complaining and upset and none too happy.

Kind of like, oh I don’t know, maybe….ME?????

And then she came to the end of what was holding all the traffic up and there was an orange sign that said…

“End of Construction   Thank you for your patience.”

She felt convicted because she had not been patient and the experience made such an impact on her that she had those very words engraved on her tombstone….

And I definitely made quite a scene on the track at the Y when I heard this because our class has been called “Under Construction” for years…

I named it this when we were assigned to a room many years ago that was the catch-all for paint and saw horses and all manner of equipment that was used during the week for a remodeling project in the church.

At that time, they asked me what the name of our class was…and it seemed to fit the room…and us….so I said we were….

Under Construction.

Because I am…we all are…works in progress…and to think one day…the Construction will be completed…Hallelujah!

So in the meantime…if you have to deal with me while the Lord completes this work…well…thank you for your patience!

And God bless you this Wednesday with an extra 34 minutes and 24 seconds to listen to this teaching because it is…so good…


I promise <3

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