When our patience with each other wears thin, we have to remember: God suffers long for us all <3


As I am working my way through the Bible in a year reading, I am currently in the middle of Exodus. I have been trying to read ahead in anticipation of some known interruptions coming up. 

The thing I marvel at every time I read the Bible is how prone to wander we are and how patient God is. 

A lot of people want to give up reading through the Bible when they hit the laws of Leviticus or the repetition in Numbers, but I want to give up in Exodus out of sheer frustration. 

I get worn down by the escapades of the family God selected to be the lineage our Savior would come from in Genesis and then I want to throw in the towel for all the whining and complaining no sooner than the Red Sea closes in over Pharaoh’s army in Exodus. 

The lows of Israel’s story definitely outweigh the highs and it just seems like a bad soap opera the more I read. 

And then I sit down here to type this out and I glance at my notes for posts and see a yellow stick it note that is attached to my desk as a constant reminder to me. 

Here is what I have written in black permanent marker, caps as indicated.


Complain or Argue


SINK into complacency

Compare your circumstances

Complain about situations

Do everything without complaining or arguing Phil. 2:14









And every time I read through it, I cringe at how I have forgotten in a day already about this simple teaching. I can’t even get these two under my belt with any consistency. 

I forget and thus I need grace and patience from God and reminders for myself of what He said. 

As Christians, we seem to be able to recognize and call out any sign of deviation from God’s laws in others, but wow…as I flip the lens to do a selfie…hmmmm…..

I just read a great quote from Ruth Chou Simons today – “What doesn’t come naturally comes by grace.”

You know what?

Not complaining and not arguing and not comparing circumstances and not sinking into complacency does not come naturally to me. 

I need God’s help for this. Daily. 

How can we pray for ourselves and for each other? 

Pray for help to do the things we know we should do. 

Pray for help to not do the things we know we shouldn’t do.

Pray for grace for ourselves and grace to extend to others. 

If someone seems to be off track, we can pray for God to come and make it clear to them. 

If you are called to say something, or so you think…pray, pray and then pray again and only speak when you are absolutely positive God is calling you to speak.

And then pray some more.

This Christian walk is one of a changed and transformed mind and heart. 

“It’s just the way I am” does not stand up to God’s promise to equip us and teach us and mold us into the image of His Son. 

May God bless us all today as we let Him help us walk this out


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