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When you feel like the last rose of summer….

Have you noticed there is a kind of awkward shift after Labor Day?

Summer clothes seem out of place, even though the daily temperatures remain unchanged and hold steady at mid to high 80’s. I feel silly in a sleeveless top and crops, but even sillier when I have to peel off the cardigan and roll up the jeans…

We try to pretend like there is a nip in the air and sport fall colors and 3/4 sleeves while we switch out mums for those planters of petunias.

But that AC is still cranked, and sweet corn and watermelon are a pretty good price at the grocery. My heart is ready to order pumpkin spice latte, but my internal thermometer is begging for it to be iced down.

Seasons have a purpose and we need to live in them even as we transition into the next.

Not just the physical seasons of summer to fall and fall to winter. There are seasons in our life as well.

Seasons of great joy and seasons of heavy grief. Seasons of bountiful refreshing and seasons of dry-desert thirst. Seasons of fruitful harvest and seasons of barren fields. Seasons of hard toil and seasons of sweet rest.

To skip from one to the other without allowing that somewhat uncomfortable period of transition to take place is unwise.

Let’s face it, in the spiritual and emotional seasons of life; there needs to be some grieving for what was, and some anticipation for what will be…

and more than a few days when we start out prepared for the new season only to find out by noon that the old one is still very much the reality in which we live. And we are just plain out of sync with it….

What season of life are you in right now? Stability or transition?

Hold fast to the good, endure the bad and live fully in the twixt’s and tween’s; believing that to every season there is a purpose.

Even the season of awkward transition…..

God bless you, right where you are, as He reminds you: He knows where you have been and He’s already preparing the place where you are going <3

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