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Knit together

It all started here….


at Knit a Square…

You can see the pink yarn in my friend’s arms….yes…that’s what got it started.

She was making a hat for her not-yet-born-granddaughter and I wanted to make a baby hat too.



I got up the nerve to go to a yarn shop, and ask the questions and then a friend saved me from myself because I had no idea how to knit in the round….

and tonight…at Knit a Square….

at 8:00 pm…

just before we had to pack up our stuff and head home….

another friend helped me thread the last 9 stitches together and ….


and it’s piled in a bag with the other hats and squares labeled “acrylic” and it will be making it’s way to Africa.

And out of all of it, I am…

1. so thankful and grateful for the help and encouragement of friends and my sweet husband to have FINISHED something I started

2. amazed that I also got to sit next to a little gal who our leader invited who once was taught to knit, but didn’t remember how….just like I was when I first started with this group…

3. and so I got to help her knit, while finishing up my first hat ever

4. and then another lady in the group sat by our new friend and began to chat with her and as they talked, they found out that they actually hale from the same hometown and share some sweet family friendships tho they had never met


5. that is what the Body of Christ is really all about…..

a bunch of women in the midwest knitting hats and squares for orphans in Africa who find family around the table.

And I think God is just about the kindest Father there is to…


knit us….

IMG_0696all together <3


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