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Good morning to you!

My kind husband has supported me in this writing effort and also funded not only the website but also the means for me to attend three conferences over the years.

The first one I signed up for was She Speaks led by the Proverbs 31 team back in the summer of 2013 and I didn’t have a blog or anything.

Just me and a closet full of journals and scraps of paper with thoughts scattered hither and yon.

I had no idea what I was doing and had flashbacks of every new school I had to enter.

And believe me with eight of those experiences under my belt, I know a thing or two about walking in alone.

So every time I entered the large room for meal or teaching, I would pray for God to send me to the right table.

One of those prayers was answered by sitting with an elegant and reserved woman who was also new to exploring how to use the unquenchable call to capture all the swirling thoughts and ideas in our head and hearts and corral them onto ink and paper and then ask God…

Now what?

We exchanged information and kind of kept up over the next few years as we each began to flesh out a presence on the internet.

Fast forward to last summer when I got the idea to google writing conferences and came across The Declare Conference held in Dallas area each year.

The speakers looked solid and it was close to John so I decided to check with my friend Lisa who happens to be a Texan and see if she had heard anything about this gathering.

Turns out she had an interest in the same event and we ended up rooming together last year.

How cute is she?

I know…pretty darn cute ….


She had a book proposal put together and presented it with favorable results and when I say “book proposal” let me tell you…her research and art work and concept absolutely blew me away.

She is a student of God’s Word but has the gift of making it accessible to draw other students in to the process of learning.

I love her posts and devotions at https://www.wordofgodtrain.me

Lisa has also started a podcast series. Each podcast is around 20 minutes and her gentle voice is pleasant to listen to as she shares her reflections on passages of Scripture. She is speaking to and about women so not sure how much guys would get out of it…but you never know <3

And right now she is offering a free five day study through her website. You can click here for the study:


Here are some samples of the pages – of course I printed mine off, but they come as an easy download right to your computer … no need to add any kind of adobe reader or whatever…easy peasy…

Each day offers simple format of questions that are clear and lead you to passages of Scripture.

The questions are not those obtuse ones that make you feel awkward because you aren’t sure what is being asked….just straight Bible Study questions that lead to LEARNING.


There is an opportunity to apply what I learned so that I am transformed by the Word and a call to action that moves me forward in my faith journey.


And in addition to giving me a space for collecting my own passages to meditate on, each day offers her leg work through the Bible…


I am such a visual person and all these fonts on cards I can cut out and carry with me are just a bonus to the whole study.

So there you have it.

I am including links again at the bottom for Lisa’s website and the Declare Conference below:

The Declare Conference:  http://declareconference.com

Lisa’s devotional website: https://www.wordofgodtrain.me

Sign up for the 5 day Bible Study on the Word of God: http://thewarriorshe.com/5-truths-transform-stop-waves-thought/

and you can listen to the podcasts for both the Declare Conference and The Warrior She found on their pages.

That’s my recommendation…don’t even need to give me a penny for my thoughts…free…free…all free.


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