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Who’s seeking who?

This will be short (I think) because I am already behind this morning.

I know.

Unusual, but it does happen.

I have had such a feast of teachings and input of God thoughts this week that I am having trouble honing it down to something to share this morning but here is where prayer has landed us.

One of the passages of Scripture we have for our discussion in Sunday School is from Genesis 3.

After two sweeping chapters outlining the whole glorious creation of the world, we take a sudden nosedive into the fall of the whole beautiful thing.

In short sentences everything wonderful is wiped away as sin and shame smear ugly all over what was moments before a masterpiece…a true Master-peace.

A work of art like none other ever before or since.

The ultimate of all creativity. Ever.

Paradise not only shattered but seemingly, irreparably, eternally lost.

And where is God, the Creator, in all of this?

Is He shaming them?


They are ashamed, but He is calling out…

Where are you?

He is asking…

Who told you?

And yes there are consequences for their choices.

But where is God?

He is taking His own beautiful creation and He is slaying it to clothe them.

He is shedding the blood of His own love; offering a way to cover their shame.

There are times I have had this turned around.

I have thought it was me, hiding out because of some choice I regret…

finally crawling out and looking for a God who will surely be standing there with arms crossed and finger pointing.

Like a child playing Hide and Seek, I will wait until He is looking the other way and run to some home base to be safe.

No..this is not a child’s game.

This is a very real act of love.

The greatest love ever.

Love that seeks me out from where I am hiding.

Love that calls out for fellowship and provides the Way to be restored.

Love that covers all my sin and shame and calls me Child of God <3


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