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Why I routinely empty the Spam folder


I have a filter on this site…and for the most part it catches all the spam. Although on occasion one will slip through as a legitimate comment.

And it catches me off guard because it has what appears to be a solid email address…

and it always sounds so nice.

“I really like what you said about_________”…and it pulls some thought from what I wrote and plugs it in.


“I share so many of your posts with my friends.”


“I came on your post by accident, but it really spoke to me about _____________”


any other clever string of phrases that all sound right but are lies.

They are designed to draw me in so that I respond to the sender.

Which is basically some kind of trap meant to harm me or this site or the work that I pray God is doing through these efforts of mine to encourage anyone who really does read the words I have written.

I have others who comment in truth.

They really were touched by what I wrote…or really did share with someone.

And I am deeply encouraged by these comments.

I also have comments that help me do what I am called to do in a better way … like a friend who is so good to let me know when I have typo.

I want my writing to be excellent and I appreciate knowing when I have a misspelled word or an error in grammar.

I also appreciate the honesty of my favorite proof-reader …. and better half.

He will hesitate, because he knows I don’t take suggestions well…but he gulps and points out the parts that don’t make sense….and he patiently lets me get all defensive and snippy…as I take the laptop back and rework some phrases….

Because he knows I want it to be the best it can be.

Because he knows I want it to make a difference and that I have more invested in this than what makes me feel good.

Because he knows why I write and Who I am representing.

Because he and I both know that my best interest isn’t about me at all.

It’s about what is right and true.

There’s a whole lot of spiritual spamming going on out there in our world today.

There are thoughts and words and ideas that seem right…make people feel good…but they are lies.

And lies are never in your best interest.

I pray we would have discernment to test the spirits of this world against the unchanging truth of God’s Word and that we would have the wisdom to choose truth over lies and the courage to delete anything that is spam..no matter how appealing it may be to us.


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