Why I stay in my niche….

When writing a blog, one is encouraged to stay in his or her niche.

Mine is not on time management, as we can tell because I am running behind most of my life. Example being, this post today….

Nor is it home improvement/DIY.

In fact, I have to stop and think every time how to spell DIY…yes…I have to say the full statement. I think…DYI? or DIY?….Do …It …..Yourself…ahhhh….

Nope. My niche is living every day to the best of my ability for the
God who saved me. No longer I who live, but Christ in me.

And hope and pray that somehow you who stumble upon this get a glimpse of His glory in my existence …..IMG_2819

and today, this is my existence.

We are having new carpet installed in the family room.


which meant we had to move the entire contents of that room into the rest of the house.

Treasures such as …..




and well….


Because we do not even have a working VHS player….

So now our kitchen looks like this…


and our dining room looks like this….

IMG_2815But from where I sit typing to you…..



perched on the edge of the love seat that now blocks most of the kitchen….

I see the Cross before me…


And you know…now that I think about it…there is no room in the Kingdom for DIY projects anyway…

cause He did it all for us <3


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