Happy Anniversary <3

Do you know what Saturday is?

The one year anniversary of my first post on this site.

I know.

Not that big of a deal to most anyone at all, but to me….huge.

It was several weeks before that when I sat in the cafe of our church and had the most amazing tech guy ever (thank you Fred) help me figure out how to get all this going.

I was supposed to meet with him early in the morning and then head to Bloomington, but he ran late and we went ahead with the process. He was clicking on buttons and I was typing in my credit card for domain and WordPress fees and the next thing I knew I was on my way north with a domain name…and a blog site….and more butterflies than I could imagine, and typical of me…late late late.

I read and studied the tutorials when I could and finally decided that I would never ever get started if I waited til I understood it all. So I just posted one day and I have kept on posting and I still have so much to learn…but who has time when you are living and writing about living??

And now I have a Facebook page for the blog that dear Fred helped me with a few weeks ago…and a renewal on the domain and the site with charges pending….and even more butterflies than when I wrote the first post one year ago tomorrow!!!! And one of these days, I will just pull the trigger and start the Facebook page….I feel sick….

And I pray.

I pray whoever might be encouraged by what I write will find his or her way here.

I pray for protection because I share waaaaaaay more of my heart and my life with an unknown community than I am ever ever EVER going to be comfortable with.

I pray I won’t run out of ideas, or repeat myself, or bore anyone to premature death.

Quite honestly, I pray for a building of a community of faith through this site.

I pray a lot that God would continue to speak His Word ONLY through anything that I write and that somehow the thoughts typed on these pages inspire people to draw closer to Him.

I pray that when anyone reads this, they smile, they laugh, they cry, they pray, they heal, they mend, they press in – whatever is needed so that they will be encouraged to ….. you know….



Onward <3

Thanks for sharing the celebration with me.

Let’s eat some cake……DSCN1547

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  1. Congratulations! Just so you know, all the experts would agree, you are doing exactly what you should be doing…creating beautiful, meaningful content. The rest is truly just fluff. So many bloggers (shamefully I am one) spend far too much time trying to get the technical aspect just right and we miss the whole point of this most awesome thing called blogging. It is all about heart and community. And you, my dearest friend, you have that part aced!!! Journey onward, my dear! Hugs and much love!

    1. Wow…thank you Lisa! I truly appreciate your encouragement. Honestly, the fact that you even stumbled across it is an answer to prayer <3
      I love what you do on your blog - makes me smile and feel like I have a friend who I just haven't met in person ... yet...=0)
      Bless you!

    1. Oh my….thank you! YOU are a blessing to me ! To be a part of your lovely store the last few months has fed my spirit with the love of God and given me a place of beauty that comes from your love of the LORD to fuel the creativity He placed in me <3

    1. Thank you so much Susan! As I do say, if God can use my goofy views to spread His Word, then I surrender ALL! <3

    1. You are so dear. Thank you <3 That means a lot that you were conscious of my start date. Thanks for providing endless material with those two little dumplings <3

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