Why it’s not good to place your trust in a cartoon…

2014 and 2015 105If you are my age, and Saturday morning cartoons were a staple in your home, you can most likely sing the theme song to The Jetsons….

Go ahead…run it through your mind…I will wait…

Even as a child, I could grasp the awesomeness the future held in store for us.

I was particularly excited about the conveyor belt that transformed Jane from her PJ’s and bedhead into a Jackie O-type ensemble with coifed hair and perfect makeup.

Through the early years….in the dark ages…before we had…gasp…hand held blow dryers for our hair…I kept hoping.

And Science has failed me.

Oh sure.

There have been wonderful developments in technology.

But I have resigned myself to the fact that, at least in my lifetime, I will have to resort to manual labor every morning to become presentable to the public eye.

I know.

And as for that “Meet George Jetson…” tune that’s playing in your head for the rest of the day…

You are welcome <3


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