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Why “just venting” isn’t a great idea….

2014 and 2015 115Last week Russ and I were driving home from the Y in separate cars. He was a little ahead of me because..you know…me…slow…

As I was driving, I heard a terrible noise. I checked the dashboard for a warning light.


So I looked around for a motorcycle, large truck or possibly a steam engine. I may have also checked the sky to see if Jesus was coming back.

Because seriously, it was that loud.

Up ahead I noticed an unusual energy and zest in the smoke that is just a given with the processing plant located along the route home.

Usually the output is …. uhm….fragrant…but just puffy like clouds. But now, as I traveled closer and closer , the sound I was hearing matched the force of the steam shooting out of two large pipes on top of the facility.

I was reminded of my mom’s old pressure cooker.

I was also reminded of her recounting the many dangers of pressure cookers and how she knew people who had lost limbs and you have to be oh, so careful…which as a child made me wonder why on earth we had in our possession, let alone were utilizing such an ominous piece of equipment…but that would be a whole can of worms about how I have had fear and dread engrained in me through my DNA….so back to the story…

In panic, I prayed fervently that this factory that was now a gigando pressure cooker gone haywire would NOT do the unthinkable…and I dialed Russ to make sure he was clear of this beast and safe on the other side.

He assured me they were just letting off excess steam and I would not be blown to smithereens. I thanked God for this good news…(and for giving me a husband who does not freak out at every single life event…). But I may have ignored any and all yellow lights til I couldn’t hear the sound anymore and I may have checked my rear view mirror a couple dozen times just to make sure all was well.

Which brings me to the topic of venting.

Because often we say we need to vent…and then we basically explode forcefully on a friend or family member or…depending on how much we think we need to vent…a total stranger.

And it’s loud and scary and we may feel better when we are done…but we have just unleashed a whole lot of hot damage onto someone.

I used to be a very prolific “venter”….the lie behind venting is that it’s better to let it all out then explode within.

I have learned a better way.

When I find myself filling up with the pressure of feeling wronged, misunderstood, unappreciated…or whatever causes the buildup that needs and outlet…I have found it much more constructive to vent to God.


God. As in the Maker of heaven and earth, the Alpha and Omega, the Ancient of Days, Jehovah, the Great I AM…..

He already knows how ticked, hurt, frustrated, overwhelmed I feel. He also knows the truth about the people, situation, internal wiring of me…etc. etc..

All those words in the Psalms about…my safe tower, my refuge, my strength, my fortress….this is where I can take the stuff of life and …. vent…release…dare I say…rant and rave and wail?

Oh I do this with fear and reverence.

He is, after all, GOD…but He is also my Father, my Counselor, my Savior, my Lord, my Peace…2014 and 2015 102

So the next time you feel like you might just blow up, try bowing down and crying out.

It’s a lot less dangerous for all of us <3


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