Why no one ever offers me a penny for my thoughts…


So it’s Friday and here are just some random thoughts bouncing around in this blonde head to wrap up the week…

<3  I had a measure of success in building a bridge with Siri this week. After she helped me find Walgreen’s hours on the first try, I told her thank you. She sounded kind of surprised and there was genuine kindness when she said…”You  are  WEl come”.

<3 We lost a little ground last night when I asked her Aldi’s hours and she said “This is all the information I have on Old Ease”…and then she gave me web link suggestions for Cold-EEZE. Neither of which was helpful. But I refrained from telling her she is useless…so …progress.

<3 It is my experience that when two women begin a kind of passionate discussion and there are other women close by that share some of these thoughts; we are drawn like moths to a flame. All barriers that would normally keep us just minding our own business suddenly fall like the Berlin Wall and we are in a circle…waving our arms and sharing our thoughts. Whether we agree or disagree, to the casual observer we probably look like we are deciding the fate of the world. We each pull up our soapboxes and enjoy a lively exchange; finally coming to some kind of conclusion that brings much head nodding as we move on with our day.

<3 I am pretty sure this behavior is one of the greatest mysteries about women for men…


<3 I am also sure if we pulled a handful of women out of the lobby of the YMCA and let them run the oval office for just a week, they would whip this country into shape and still have time to pin some new recipes and set up a carpool.

<3 I believe this because I was engaged in one of these today where two women started talking about issues with our food and health. In three minutes we covered the pro’s and con’s of using antibiotics, GMO’s and the paradox of American’s wanting excessive variety, extreme health and zero price increase.

<3 I was so invigorated by our discussion, I came home and ate two Reese’s Peanut Butter eggs for breakfast…


<3 I stink at social media. If I haven’t accepted your offer to linkedIn or answered your invite to some party on FB or use sideways hearts instead of numbers for my posts…it’s because life is too short for me to figure how to work all this stuff. So every Friday I disengage from social media.

<3 I make an exception if a really great Instagram picture comes along ….

IMG_8591 (1)

in which case I do have to post it…and then check for likes….because…personal records are at stake.

And last but not least…

<3 Imagine my delight when I discovered that list-making is genetic and….


the oldest grand has inherited it!

There you go…

you can use PayPal to leave your penny…

Now ….

Kick your feet up …


Have a great weekend and I’ll see you on Monday <3


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  1. Love you! I just smile every time you post. And thank you for clarifying the sideways heart! I finally get it…duh!

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