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Just a quick thought to end the week. 

I am reading through the Gospels and since I got behind on my “it takes 5 pages a day to read through the Bible”, I am reading in bigger chunks of 8-10 pages this week. 

The larger sections has afforded me the chance to notice repetitions of things, and one is that Jesus prayed.

He prayed before making decisions. 

He prayed before serving a meal.

He prayed before casting out demons. 

He prayed long hours into the night and off by Himself and in the early morning hours. 

He prayed when He was tired, when He was hungry, when He was betrayed, when He was facing temptations to quit and do it a different way. 

And so, my friends, I have to think…if the Son of God found it necessary to pray at length about things…it might behoove us to do the same. 

Blessings…you are loved <3

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