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Top five from the weekend and a bonus…happy Monday <3

We had these two scoobies for the weekend and remembered why you raise children when you are young…

holy moly, we are tuckered…

but smiling big after counting a zillion ways we feel like these are the best years ever.

We got to do some nature exploring, pic above is us collecting leaves for art projects.

Any time we trek the park area near our home, there is the mandatory stop at what they and the big two like to call the “outdoor potty”…

The joke never. gets. old.

Besides painting leaves, Caroline liked making a tissue tree…

because any time we can operate a bottle of glue, we are happy campers.

Joel enjoyed a different kind of “art”….the traditional “knock the pumpkin off the mailbox with Papi” activity.

This year he ended up using a football because….boy is destined to be a quarterback somewhere.

They also wanted to make an apple pie…

Joely and Sis must like theirs’ with “cheese”…

but anyhoo…

they did an awesome job, seriously

They did most of it themselves with a little guidance and help from me.

Okay – I peeled the apples but they ran through the processor and I did fold the crust under but they rolled out the crust. They were having a blast. And so was I.

Speaking of blasts….the kitchen looked like a flour mill blew up…but that goes with the cooking experience, right?

Did they eat any?


Turns out they don’t like apple pie..they just thought it would be fun to make one.

It was.

It was also delicious.

And last of all…we played a marathon monopoly game that lasted all weekend.

Joel proved to be pretty adept at winning Free Parking, building houses on the substantial real estate he owned…

which happens to be a top trio of favorites for this family….




Four sets of bleachers on each…

T’was the most fun I have ever had playing Monopoly and was just one of the many ways this was the…

best. weekend.ever.

Happy Monday!

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