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I just looked back over the last post of 2013…and it seems like waaaay longer ago than one year has passed since I wrote that.

It has been a year full of new doors opening; prayers answered in unexpected ways; growth in some areas and waiting in others.

We have deepened some relationships, added new friends and said good bye to some dear souls.

We have hopes ahead for the year to come, an expectation for what God has planned, and a wondering of what we may yet walk through.



But we know…He is faithful.


God has brought us thus far, and He will lead us into what lies ahead.

I pray you are blessed with sweet memories of this past year. That if it has been a hard one, the Lord will bless you in 2015 with rest and refreshing.

I pray that He will answer the cries of your heart and that seeds sown over the years will bear much fruit in 2015.

I am thankful to share the journey with each of you.

God bless you and yours in 2015….



He leads me


The LORD – He IS – my shepherd.

The LORD – Yahweh – God of the Angel Armies – HE ….. IS….the Shepherd of me.

The One who tends me….owns me…cares for me….leads me…herds me….corrects me…shelters me….guides me….seeks me…recovers me…is over and above me.


I shall not want…I will not and cannot have any need that He is incapable of meeting.

I shall not…both a command and a promise… have want for anything.


He leads me – brings me – guides me – takes me by…the very edge of still and quiet waters.

He restores…mends…makes new and refreshed…revitalizes…my soul.

The inward life of me and who I am and how He wired me to be…THIS is brought back to a complete and whole state by Him – just as I was created to be.

IMG_2961He leads me…He guides me…He goes before me and I follow Him along the path, the ways, the walking , the journey of ….. righteousness.


And He does all this – all of this – for the purpose and glory and sake of His own great Name…His authority, His identity, His reputation.



Yes…even though I walk – and most assuredly I WILL walk…

through the valley of the shadow of death…

for I will walk through those dark places where death…spiritual death… physical death…the end of life…the end of hopeIMG_7193

will cast looming shadows over the path…

even in those places, even in the final steps of my own living and breathing and in all the places where fear threatens to steal my very life and all that I love and hold so dear…Yes…

even in those places..

I will not, can not, shall not fear evil…

For He IS ..

with me…

and through His rod and through His staff…He will…comfort me.

I will sit at the table prepared by His hand….IMG_3746

I will sit with the oil of joy on my head and the feast of the fullness of Lord before me…in the midst of His blessings… far off…distanced…untouched by those who would attempt to harm us.

He will fill my cup to overflow..more blessing than I can even take in…a never ending supply of provision, protection and joy.

When I look ahead….IMG_1333

He is leading me….

When I look behind…


goodness….grace….mercy…follow me

All the days of my life I am hedged in by His love, His mercy, His grace, His goodness….in front and behind…

Forever. He is my Home. Forever.

Psalm 23 <3

Christmas Past

In this week between Christmas and New Year’s, there is a lingering.

I am not ready to part with the lights and the tree, the greenery and all things Christmas.

The pace has slowed and Russ and I can sit and relax.

We are reading our new books and resting; finishing up leftovers and tidbits of goodies we made and received.

We are easing back into work schedules and resuming the ordinary tasks of life, like the overflowing laundry basket and the paperwork that was tucked away for the holidays.

There are some visits with friends and family that are now unhurried because the To Do list is done.

Anticipation of starting a fresh year is simmering, but it’s too soon to really get serious about our goals.

Also, all around are remnants and reminders of our house being full of family for a whole day. All of our family…together…in one place for one long, wonderful day. The first and only time in 2014.

And I know the reality that it may be a while….a long while….before that happens again. And that’s a thought I do not want to dwell on.

Because in the aftermath of Christmas, I can become a victim of my emotions. Fueled by too little sleep, too much sugar and too many feelings; I can lose focus and flounder.

I can forget all that I have been given and fret for what might not ever be again.

If you feel the same temptation to walk by feelings and not by faith, I urge you to continue in the disciplines of prayer and Scripture reading even as you finish out this year.

In the midst of our pondering and remembering and forecasting, it is so important to remain yoked to Him whose birth we celebrated and whose return we anticipate.

May you be blessed in the aftermath of Christmas 2014 <3








Still processing…

As I sit here in a somewhat picked up family room, it is good to be still and quiet.

Another Christmas is past, but we will let the stockings hang for a while longer, eat some more from the tidbits of treats on the counter and slowly absorb gifts bestowed on us into the drawers and closets of our life.

We will find some times yet to go visit friends, meet up with family wherever we can all make the schedules work and plan for how organized we are going to become in 2015.

We will look at pictures we took and laugh at the goofy things that are family finds hilarious. Like our St Louis pups, Rocco and Chipito photo bombing our “timer” family pic….


and yes…we are still in our  pj’s at 5:30 pm….it happens….

I’ll salvage boxes and tissue paper for next year, finally read the Christmas cards and letters that came in during the pre-Christmas rush and get creative with leftovers.

Post holiday….New Year…God bless you all and refresh your hearts as you process and ponder Christmas 2014 <3


Merry Christmas <3


Merry Christmas to you!

May God bless your day and make His presence known in all the quiet and rambunctious; sweet and bittersweet; heart-filling and heart-tugging places of your day <3

YOU are loved well by your Father – be blessed to celebrate today the birth of His Son!