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When it’s time to be healed….


Last week I was washing dishes and when I pulled off the rubber gloves, I was a bit confused.

There was a bandaid loosely wrapped around the end of my finger.

I am blonde to the core, so I stood there blinking trying to remember why I had a bandaid on.

Being used to blondness, lo these many years, I didn’t wait for clear thoughts to prevail.

I pulled that little bandaid off to see exactly what it was protecting and was somewhat baffled to see a perfectly healthy finger tip.

Well, as Dr. Seuss would say…at this point my puzzler was really puzzled…and then I noticed the faintest of scars and remembered….

Several weeks ago, as I was dicing food for our meal I had a slight mis-dice and …. poked my finger with the knife tip.

It was a deep puncture and I had even sent a picture to my favorite nurse practitioner to see if she thought it was infected.

With several text questions and more pictures, she said to apply antibiotic and keep it covered and sure enough it healed just fine.

So well, in fact that a couple of weeks after her advice I had forgotten all about it.

Apparently, near the end of the healing the last bandaid had stuck in that glove and I didn’t notice it had been left behind.

Old wounds are like that, aren’t they.


Even after they have healed…sometimes a little bit of something comes along to stir up old feelings.

And while I was more than happy to discard that reminder of a very tender finger tip wound that had taken time to heal…I realize I am not so quick to let go of emotional wounds.

When memories of those come up, I tend to focus on the original injury instead of thankfully tossing off the remnants of the, now unnecessary, bandages.

Jesus heals the broken hearted…but not so we can dredge up the past, rehash the point of infliction and perhaps update anyone who missed it the first go-round…no.

Jesus HEALS to make us whole…complete.

Oh yes….sometimes with some scars and some memories…but not to return to those bandages.

So take time to heal when you are wounded, for sure.

And some wounds go deep so make sure you receive deep healing.

Apply liberal amounts of His Word and His love, prayer and forgiveness.

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And when the healing is complete…get rid of the bandages…walk free… a little wiser… a lot more compassionate…but free and healed and whole.

God bless you today where ever you are in the process.

I pray that any reminders of pain from your past only serve to make you seek Him for your complete healing



or fill you with praise to Him for being made whole again



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