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Being Intentional

In case you haven’t noticed, life is accelerating….


I heard someone mention recently how much more aggression they are seeing in traffic.

I would agree.

Cars and trucks on the main arteries that lead through our town and neighborhoods are driving increasingly fast.

Today I saw three cars run a red light at a busy intersection.

And it isn’t just on the road that we see aggression, conflict and a hardening of hearts.

So now, more than ever, we who are followers of Christ need to be about … well…following…

Not the crowd.

Not the culture.

We need to be about following His teachings.

Which is why I have taken to carrying headphones in my purse…


and using snippets of time when I am waiting…

or during my walks (and lately my…ugh…running)

to catch some quality teachings.

While Russ and I are blessed with a good home church each Sunday, I find it helpful to add some other solid teachings with Biblical foundations and practical applications.

The following are some weekly spots I have added to my Podcast library  (spoiler alert…I think I figured out how to add links so you should be able to click on web address and go to the site…what??????)

First Christian Church       @firstdecatur.org

Eastview Christian Church       @eastviewchurch.net

Harvest Community Church in Hoffman Estates        //harvest-community.org

Grace Covenant Church        @grace360.org

I also encourage you to take advantage of leadership training opportunities within your local church and community.

You may not think you are considered a leader, but all who follow Christ ARE supposed to be leading others to Him.

Which, by default, makes us all leaders in  our area of influence <3


Is He the greatest thing EVER???

Don’t you want everyone to know the joy and peace He has brought into your life?

Then being equipped is certainly something we want to be intentional about…

Which reminds me….

you may want to check out the Intentional Church Conference here in Decatur on April 23rd and consider investing some of your time.

The conference this year features two speakers…

Tim Harlow and J.K. Jones…

as well as break out sessions and fellowship, worship and refreshing.

One of the sessions is recommended for anyone who participated in the Room for Doubt series around here last fall.

Led by Rick Knopp, the workshop will explore the next step in reaching out to your friends and family members who are struggling with questions of doubt in their faith walk.

ICC 2016 Mobile - Auditorium (1920x1080)


Let’s make good use of all the resources available to us as we….

journey onward <3





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