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He is still good…even if

I spent the day with the grands again today.


So there was a lot of energy spent and consumed…

as in they tag-teamed me on naps yet again…

lots of bargaining and negotiating and


general boy-ness…

all full of daring and vigor…


until it was bedtime.

And then as we sat in the dark…fresh from our stories and prayers…the what-if’s set in.

What if a dragon comes and breathes fire?

That one I was pretty confident in declaring a firm no-need-to-worry policy.

What if someone bad comes and takes me away?

That one was harder because that one taps into my own fear.

That one is hard because while I know God is good…I know there are children for whom this is a reality…here and around the world.

So in the dark, I assured him he is safe tonight…

because he is…

and I quoted Psalm 23 and all the promises I could think of about how we are supposed to be strong and courageous…

how He will never leave us nor forsake us…

while hot tears slipped down my face for little ones who are not safe tonight.

And as I gulped my way through words of reassurance, I prayed.

I prayed for the nameless faces that face nameless fears.

And in the midst of what I cannot understand, I still know…

God is good.


He is always good and He will bring justice.

Even when we cannot see.



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