A blessing from my first little guy <3

I talk a lot about those little grands, but this morning I share a heart tug from the first little guy God blessed us with…who isn’t so little any more.

A couple of years ago, he gave me a book for Christmas called 300 Writing Prompts..

it is just what you would think…300 ideas to get you thinking and writing.

I loved it because it was from him and because it meant he validated what I do like it matters and so I treasure it and the giver.

I laughed when I came across this one that he filled in for me to find…

So for fun I am sharing one I came across this morning….

“What takes too long?”

<3 Time when you have nothing to do

<3 Time between having all of your family together in one place at the same time

<3 Waiting for test results and answers to prayers

<3 Cleaning woodwork

<3 Geometry and learning the Periodic Table

<3 Scripture memorization

<3 Trips on winding back roads

<3 Jesus’ return

<3 Alzheimers

<3 Trains

There you go… a peek inside the depths of this shallow mind…

what would you write?

I’d love to know…

Have a blessed weekend and know that you are loved….

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