A day in the life…


It’s been a while since I reported in on the band of brothers and little miss thing so…here we go.

This is basically what goes on a lot of the time when we aren’t eating ‘nacks, drinking gallons of water and eliminating said items. Or resting up for the next go round.

In the above pic we have Caroline contemplating which wheeled vehicle will give Lola the greatest heart palpitations, Graham is executing 100 free throws, Joel is getting in his way as much as possible and Emmett is wearing roller skates that are two sizes too small. He complied with my request to wear shoes and a helmet, tho I finally gave up on the shoes since seriously…two sizes too small…


I got this text as I was headed out to their house.


To emphasize my response, I sent this along just in case we were not understanding my terms of service. As in, read the fine print regarding the zero tolerance policy for rodents and reptiles.


Apparently it was an epic adventure and thankfully they released it before I arrived. They said it escaped but I think their mom may have decided she knows her mom better than they do. The kids will tell you they caught a rat, but according the neighbor it was a vole.

Either which way, I never saw it beyond the pictures so praise be unto our God who grants me new mercies every. single. day.


These two occupied themselves with a very long game of life that involved them both having double and triple careers, owning several homes, offering to trade or sell children for more pets and a couple of skirmishes over someone who manages to pick up two cards at a time. eh hem…Emmett.

They were hilarious and a couple of times asked me to officiate on the rules. I basically told them if you are both a lawyer and a doctor and own a town home, a vacation home, a family home and a cabin you can basically make up your own rules. Or be in politics. Or both.


This one went and retrieved a Von Maur shopping bag from some undisclosed location and proceeded to show me three new pairs of shoes her mommy had gotten her. She would whip open the box and make the cutest darn face you ever saw.

And all I could think is that the love of cute shoes has been successfully passed on through two grandmothers, a daughter and now a child. Again..praise Jesus. It’s the little things that prove blood is thicker than water <3

Happy Wednesday!

See you tomorrow <3

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