Little lessons on the road <3


I have a  quick teachable moment for you all today from a lesson Lola learned the hard way. 

Since Russ is back in the office this week, I decided it would be a nice break to bring the kids here for the day. Rachel and I swap my car for her van when I am with them, so Russ reminded me several times to take our spare house key since the garage door opener is programmed into the car. I had given my key to friends who were watering flowers for us a few weeks ago when we were gone. I nodded agreement every time, but failed to put the key in my purse. 

As we were backing out of their driver, long after mom had headed off to work, I realized my error. I had to text her and she ran the key out to us but it involved disrupting her day and a delay to starting to our house. 

There is more, I also texted our friends to see if anyone was home. I didn’t get a response until after I had picked up the key. I found out he was running ours by on his way to work, too. Another person inconvenienced because of my error. 

I love our daughter’s response when I told her I was so mad at myself. She said what I would have said to her if situation was reversed. No harm and there is always a reason for everything. 

Well, a good “reason” came to me as I was driving along with four captive listeners strapped in car seats. I realized a teachable moment and took advantage of it.

Earlier this week, I dropped a sweet treat off at these friends’ home. As I was walking away, I had the thought I should get my key back. 

I decided I didn’t want to bother them again by knocking on door. The nagging feeling repeated itself. I almost turned around but again thought I would just get it later. 

I told the kids about this. I told them that is what we call the “still small voice.” God was probably prompting me to get my key but I decided not to listen. God knows what will happen in the days ahead and had I turned around, the key would have been in my purse. 

As a result, I inconvenienced their mom a bit and we were a little longer getting to play at Lolapapi’s. It wasn’t a serious consequence, but it could have been avoided. I explained that we want to be tuned in to that voice. 

Then I told them I needed to do what we do when we make a mistake. I talked to God about how I had not been tuned in when His voice tried to get me prepared for what would be happening later in the week. I asked forgiveness and for the Spirit to help me to have my ears open for His still small voice. 

After I prayed, I told them that I want to always be attentive to hear God’s voice for even the littlest of things so that I will hear the big things too. 

It was a good lesson for all of us. God always whispers good plans, ideas that I wouldn’t think of to encourage someone, or warnings and directions that sometimes don’t make sense until later. We can train our ears to hear Him and we can repent when we choose not to listen.

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