A few things…

It’s the middle of the week and I have overworked this wandering, pondering brain so here’s a little bit of random…..


Yes….Just for You…in no particular order….

  • I managed to get a fair amount of backed up To Do list done….things like ironing that include clothing from our vacation in July, two laundry baskets full of miscellaneous papers, household items and  such that were gathered up when people were coming over and never got processed once they left, stacks and stacks and stacks of papers…everywhere…that kind of To Do’s. Yes. I am feeling pretty good about the whole thing.
  • I used my favorite method to accomplish #1. Setting the timer for 20 minutes and moving down the list one item at a time. When I get to the end. I start over. When I couldn’t motivate myself to set the timer, I talked myself into dealing with twenty items from any given stack.
  • I realize how pathetic all of that sounds to those of you who are efficient with your time and don’t have To Do lists that go back to 2006.
  • I am okay with that


  • I found out that it takes me 15 minutes to knit one row of the baby afghan I started a year ago in October….before we even knew we were having a baby….
  • IMG_5683
  • Which means it takes me an hour to do…
  • IMG_5944 (1)
  •  …… four rows
  • It is entirely possible this blanket may be the baby’s high school graduation gift.
  • IMG_5962


  • Not the best day ever…but not bad….not bad at all….and for the record…I have made peace with the bullet points in this post that have not cooperated …
  • in the least….
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  1. Love it! I am working on my lists too. One of them is from 2001. I’m sure some are even older as I work my way down the pile. I have NEW lists starting now. With my phone, I put in task and then put a reminder on it…then, when it comes up, I can either do it or ignore it. Same as my paper lists.

    1. Ha! and the great thing about finding a really old list is some things have actually been done and some it doesn’t matter anymore!! woot!! Check em’ off … those count too!!!! I would never ever ever remember to check my phone list so … I better stick to the paper trail! Bless you

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