A Giveaway!!! Whhhhhaaaattttttttttt?????????

Good morning! 

I managed to dodge all the cold germs from those cute little runny noses…but in spite of diffusing On Guard like it was my oxygen…alas, I have succumbed to the congestion and discomfort of a cold. 


I will say the symptoms are bearable and I will push through.

Because we have some family celebrating to do in honor of Thanksgiving, you know…


I do have some fun news to share with you. I was invited to team up with three friends, one local and two from Texas, who attended the Declare Conference with me in October. 

We have been having way too much fun on a video chat site called Marco Polo and then my friend Melanie came up with the idea that we sponsor a Giveaway from our four websites and social media in honor of Thanksgiving. 


It’s a three fold purpose, this Giveaway…

First and foremost, it is our opportunity to thank YOU who follow our ministries for being the supportive and loving tribe who shows up and encourages us to keep doing what God has called us to do. 

Second, it’s way for each of you to check out the ways God has led us to live with purpose our redeemed lives. 

Third, and to be honest, if you benefit from the work we do, we would love it if you would help more people find us on the internet <3


If you are here, you know what I do…write about life on the Journey as God works me through the process of sanctification…all in the hopes that stopping here is like meeting a friend for a cup of coffee or tea and then heading on out to do your thing each day.

Lisa Wagner has a ministry called The Warrior She. Through podcasts, teachings and Bible study guides, Lisa is all about equipping women to realize the warrior within them who is prepared for battle each and every day.

Shelly Templin is our other Texan. A published author and speaker, Shelly has a website where she shares how faith is played out in real life and she does it straight forward and with great humor. 

Then there is our fearless leader who has boundless energy and an effervescence that lights up every room she enters. Melanie Brown has a health and wellness ministry that is about the WHOLE person….physical, mental, spiritual. And she is the mastermind behind the graphics and such for the Giveaway. 

So…here are the details to enter. The more you engage, the more times your name goes in the hat <3

  1. If you already subscribe to my blog, you are automatically entered.
  2. Go visit and then like/follow on social media:


*Email list
*Insta names:
*Facebook links:
3. Share the posts, comment about what you are thankful for, sign up for the email list
4. Tag a friend who needs encouragement in the comments

And if NONE of that is your jam…it’s okay. Just know how very thankful I am for the known and unknown faces on the other side of this screen today and every day <3

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