This and that to start the week…

Good news, bad news…

First the good news…Thanksgiving falls early in the month of November which will give us a little extra time for celebrating Christmas.

Now the bad news…Thanksgiving falls early in the month of November. 


I somehow set my week back instead of just my clock when we had Daylight Saving’s time and now…it dawned on me late Friday afternoon that we were launching into Thanksgiving come Monday morning. 


Cue panic mode. 

I was about to hyperventilate until I remembered Joel requested pancakes for Thanksgiving dinner so at least I don’t have to worry about trying to thaw a turkey between now and Thursday….because for sure I am not disappointing that little guy.

But it does mean I have entered the ticking clock of taking down all things fall and putting up all things merry in the coming week….so the inevitable migration of green tubs from the storage closet to the hallway of the basement is upon me. 

I know this will be a busy week for me and for you, but I have a little surprise in the works so make sure you come back tomorrow…and I believe God has given me an answer to my prayer of how this little spot on the internet might be a sweet place of rest for you this holiday season, so you may  just want to subscribe to the email list so you don’t miss a post for our 25 day countdown 2018 <3

See you tomorrow friend…be blessed and I hope your Monday is productive <3

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