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A little break since it’s Thursday <3

The last couple of days have been a little intense for me…maybe for you as well.

So just a simple word of encouragement to you today and then we will pick up and finish with the last few thoughts I have on the Deep Healing Series in the next few posts.


I hope so.

Deep wounds need deep healing and while it is a very personal and individually unique process, there are commonalities we all can relate to.

Sometimes when I have struggled longer than most people would have thought necessary to get over some kind of painful experience, I have wondered why God continues to bother with me because even I am getting a little tired of dealing with myself.

Then I remember how He is an equipping God and when He commands us to do something, He also gives us the ability to follow through.

And Jesus said the greatest commandment was to love the Lord with all your heart and soul and mind and strength.

To love Him with your WHOLE heart..your complete heart…your 100% intact heart…

.and it occurs to me that in order to have a whole and complete heart…sometimes we need the Heart Doctor to mend that puppy and put it back together.

Psalm 34:18 promises that God is close to those who are broken hearted. I love the translation that says He is “nigh unto”…old English for snuggled up right beside, I think…and it says He saves those who are crushed in spirit.

We can take encouragement that our God is not just putting up with our aching hearts…but that He is pressed up against it, gathering the pieces in His loving hands and shaping it more into the image of His own heart.

He loves us so much and He is working diligently to make our hearts whole and holy.

Be blessed today and as you thank Him for the way He loves you, remember and obey the second commandment…to love others as you love yourself. Think how deeply you are holding on to the love you are receiving and then look for ways to extend it…with His help…to others <3

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  1. Lots of good and relevant stuff in this series, Laura. You are brave and obedient to share all you have felt and all you have learned. I appreciate you! Carry on! To God be the Glory!

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