A little something from Sunday…and Monday…


As I take communion and listen to the music, I think about what it means to approach the Throne of God by way of the Cross of Christ…

Standing alone at the foot of the Cross means leaving all others behind.

To trust Him, for me, alone.

To believe Him, alone, for them.

To not look back.

To not look ahead.

This is faith.

So I bow my head and my heart before Him.

And then…the praise team begins to sing…

I will look up…

for there is none above You….

I will bow down…

and tell you that I need You…

Jesus…Lord of all.    

(Matt Redman, Jason Ingram, Wade Joye, Chris Brown, Mack Brock/Elevation Worship)


And this, too, is faith.

In case I was in doubt, the lady next to me at the Y last night had a t-shirt that expressed it well….

Faith is a Journey…not a destination….


Journey onward, my friend, journey on….

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