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Random Wednesday Observations…

Because we are ….







Baby # 3 is due any day and thus I am a little preoccupied…and possibly excited…so here are a few thoughts for your mid-week perusing.

And I am totally not in the mood to deal with uncooperative bullet points so…in no ¬†particular order….

IMG_6464 (1)

Yes. At the mall. My hands were shaking as she took the bag from me to ring it up.

If you aren’t from our town, you can’t know what you are missing and how much we are missing this being available downtown since they closed last Easter due to fire.

When she asked if I wanted a paper bag for it, I think I scared her saying, ‘NOOOOOOO!!!!!!’ because….

like I wanted to take the time to pull it out of a paper bag when I was already going to have to spend precious seconds undoing the twisty tie…


That’s all I can say….delightful….

And God gave me, and anyone that was paying attention, THIS….


I do love feather clouds…kind of like angel wings.

Also…Ta Da!!!!!

IMG_6468 (1)

If you plant it…and water it…it will come!

As for the playoff games, I am sincerely happy for the Cub fans. God love ’em!

Talk about hanging in there and never losing hope!

I got a little bit of a tear seeing all of them so happy.

Now behave yourselves and don’t make me regret saying this…=0)

God bless you this Wednesday with little touches of His handiwork and love…with big answers to prayers…with patience in the waiting and sightings of growth from seeds planted and watered….


Oh…and can we all say a little prayer that they come up with some new ads before the World Series because…I may have the five that have been looping through the playoffs memorized…..




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