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Sometimes the Pharisee is …. me….

I know we are all caught up in the Cards and Cubs battle here in the Midwest…but I am still cringing a bit over the last game of the Wild Card Series.

The one where they cleared the benches.

The one where the guy punched out the Gatorade cooler.

That game.

The one that I shook my head with disgust over and said things like, “What is wrong with that guy?” …and…

“What kind of an example is he setting for young athletes?” …and….

pretty much if I didn’t say it…. I was thinking ….”I would never do anything like that….”


Not on national television maybe. Or even in front of my closest friends or family.

But I have pitched some pretty good fits in the driver’s seat of our car…or in the garage with the door shut…or the laundry room when no one  was home.

So imagine when Russ asked me the next day if I had seen what this player tweeted…and no, we don’t tweet, Russ and I…but apparently it made the news because…


And in case I wasn’t convicted enough, check the time of the tweet….3:33

If you know me…you know…

2014 summer 060

3:33 is when God wakes me to pray…3:33 is a time when things just seem to happen for me often…333 shows up at the most unusual places to remind of God’s faithfulness.

Whatever you want to do with it and however you feel about people who say God speaks to them in numbers and nature and billboards…it’s a thing between Him and me and there it is at the top of this tweet…to let me know…He knows…

He knows what I was thinking…He knows the coolers I have boxed safely hidden from the public eye…He knows…

So…I want to apologize for allowing MY emotions to control MY actions…

and although I don’t tweet…

I would say to Sean Rodriguez that I apologize for judging him and condemning him about the speck in his eye without first removing the board from my own.

I will trust that he has forgiven all of us who did that just as Christ forgives all.

And I would like to thank him for setting a very good example for young athletes and old pharisees.

It is not how we fall, but how we bow that distinguishes the followers of Christ.

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