A lot going on so this must be the perfect time to launch a new email right?


Well happy Wednesday and welcome to the chaos of me trying to navigate a new email list.

It’s 4:55 am here at the ranch, and by that I mean the one level home we live in, but it cracks me up to say that.

If you have followed this for blog for the past few months, you might know I mentioned working on the website and a little pdf project to offer you. I have a tech-knowledgable guru who has been working with me via long-distance and it has been a process.

I got the pdf done, she formatted it and then we hit a stall. The plan was to use a new email subscriber so I can send you all a monthly newsletter aside from the actual blog. Little did I know that the email transfer happened way early on in the project and some of you have subscribed and may be wondering why you never get anything.

When I found out that people had been subscribing and realized you have received nothing, I may have cringed and had a slight panic attack.

For those of you who subscribed over the summer and early fall, welcome. I didn’t mean to ignore you <3


I strongly dislike technology and my lack of knowledge.

So….last night after a very long day of other computer issues and getting to spend time with the Fab Four, I came home and attempted to implement the switch.

Basically today is a trial to see if I understood how to use the new system and figure out if the send time is 6 am or 6 pm…this is only a test…in the event of real post you would have a better and more interesting reading experience.

Please be patient with me as not only is my desktop limping into the abyss from non-Covid related aging issues but I am trying to improve how you get these and hopefully offer you some deeper levels of encouragement in the coming year.

Growing pains are just that. A pain.

Thanks for the love and patience and showing up <3

If the email works and I did it right, I promise you tomorrow will be better <3 You are the best readers anywhere, you know that? And I love you <3

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