New email… take two <3


It has been quite a day for this old dog. I have actually learned a few things with the help of an extremely patient Apple customer service rep named Jeremy and the Zoom magic of my tech friend Merri.

The desktop computer no longer spins ominously before going completely dark screened and we have made progress on getting the new email system cranking to send out a daily post notice. 

Some time in the near future we will have the pdf for the Deep Healing series I wrote up for new subscribers. Also, drum roll please, I will be sending it via email to any of you who are already subscribed. 

I know. 

It’s almost too good to be true. 

All I know is a huge weight has lifted off of my shoulders with these two hurdles jumped. My new BFF Jeremy was able to walk me through using the an external backup drive thing correctly and right now the computer is busy transferring almost 500 GB of precious words and photos to a small black box. 

My Word Press tech friend was able to fast forward the email launch time each day to 10 A.M. which is a far cry better than me making the 6 A.M. alarm for this on the daily. She showed me how to get the needed tasks done on my to do list, AND offered to do most of it for me.

Music to my ears <3

This has been a lesson in trust for me. Both of these issues. I do not have the knowledge nor aptitude to figure out what is needed for either of these problems.

So I prayed.

I prayed and waited for God to tell me next steps. 

The answers came through ideas for me to pursue, questions to ask and people who had more knowledge them me coming along one by one in a progression that led to a solution.

 I prayed when I would wake up. I prayed as I went to sleep. I prayed when I felt frustrated. I prayed when I felt hopeless. 

I would just basically say, God you know I need help. Please help me. Teach me what I need to know or help me to know who to ask. 

Tonight I just have been thanking Him. Every time I feel the release of the past few weeks when I felt so helpless and all I could do was wait, I thank Him. I spiritual hug Him and I high five Him and I keep grinning into eternity thanking Him for holding me in the wait and helping me to trust that there is a timing that is different from mine.

Rachel sent us a video a few weeks ago of Caroline singing a Daniel Tiger song as she was trying to get her to fall asleep. Caroline would enthusiastically urge in song to “Take a deep bref and count to four. Just take a deep bref and count to four.” 

During this period of feeling like I had obstacles mounting, these words have come to me. As I breath in deeply and hold for four, my body relaxes and my mind clears and I have found in this calmer state the ability to offer up my prayers for patience and help and wisdom. 

So there you go. A little tip for dealing with any anxiety that may be coming your way as you wait for whatever it is that is making you feel frustrated these days. 

Just take a deep bref…and count to four <3

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  1. “ I would just basically say, God you know I need help. Please help me. Teach me what I need to know or help me to know who to ask.”

    Wow! I need to use this prayer myself! Thanks Laura!

    1. Awww!!! You bet! I know sometimes I don’t get an answer right away but I just keep praying and trying to follow leads as they come to me! Thanks!

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