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So long October…hello November <3


Welp, here we are. 


Let me just tell you where I am at this morning as we stand on the cusp of a new month. I am embracing my Enneagram 4 to the full limits of all the emotions. That’s where I am.

First of all, our state is back to mandated restrictions on numbers of gatherings and closing down inside dining at all restaurants and bars. Oh…except for casinos. 

No comment. 


Second, in the last week I have had numerous people tell me how happy they will be after Tuesday when all this election stuff is over. To which I cock my head to one side and want desperately to ask what alternative reality they are living in. 

According to what I have gleaned from news reports there will be weeks of counting votes and I am sure analysis that will make the past few weeks seem like a walk in the park. Whoever wins, only half the country will be happy and the other half will most likely not be nice about it. And I mean…whatever side wins…the response will be uncomfortable at best.

We have to come to terms with the fact that we are deeply divided and neither side seems to care what people who disagree with them think or feel. People are hurting and confused and conflicted and at odds. This is a difficult time in our nation and it is not getting any less volatile. Respect for differing opinions is at an all-time low. It is toxic. Political discussion ended. I will not be revisiting that topic this month <3


Third, as Joel will say as he complies and slips his mask on over his sweet little freckled nose and one-tooth-missing smile: “I hate Covid.”


Fourth, I have seen several posts of people’s Christmas trees up and the ads are now filled with Christmas and I am one of those in the camp of waiting until we have Thanksgiving and trying to enjoy November all on its own merit.

I say to each his/her own on this one but I always begin to feel pressured so taking several deep breaths and soldiering on with how we do November here at the Reimer house. 


So there you have me this morning. Just a lot of thoughts and feelings swirling around while I try to settle my brain down and do the regular Monday things that need attention. 

But not just any Monday, mind you…we have to check in with what October brought in the way of my naive 2020 New Year plan from January. Which seems like such a joke now but hey…let’s hang in there for two more attempts:

Kaloupek Counseling LLC

So this month, the new habit I tried was running. 

I’m sorry, I should have waited for you to swallow your coffee before I put that out there. I will give you a minute to wipe off your screen…

Yes, me – running. 


If you know me, I have never desired to run. I am the kid who always got a stitch in her side playing Red Rover, Red Rover. I have run a couple of 5K’s for a good cause but it never was something I wanted to make a habit.

But this Covid comfort eating has added pounds on me that are making me very sad and unhappy with myself. 

We walk miles but I decided I needed to add something that would be more cardio inducing…whatever runner people call it…make me move faster and up my metabolism. 

I researched “Running at age 60” in hopes the AMA and CDC and Mayo Clinic would all discourage it, but no. 

Turns out it is highly recommended to help fight aging and the diseases associated with it. 


I was delighted to learn that if you are starting this at age 60, you should start slowly. So I determined in my heart to run three times a week for twenty minutes. 

I set a course that takes that amount of time and on those three days I motivate myself by gritting my teeth and reminding myself out loud several times that I can do anything for twenty minutes.

I basically smack talk myself out the door and I run. 

I have not yet experienced the fabled “runner’s high” but I get my sorry self around the course.

The first five to eight minutes are the absolute worst, along with the last five and the 10 to 12 in between and I want to quit so badly and hold my side and deep breathe, but I keep pounding along. 

One day I was feeling particularly nerdy as I sauntered along in what I knew in my heart were my jammie pants even though they technically were sold as leggings. My chest was heaving in the cold and my nose kept running faster than my legs. 

I was approaching a potential short cut to my run and was considering taking it since a walker was coming down the sidewalk in the next block.

I thought I would just prevent any contact, you know, being social distanced and all would be wise when this walker stepped generously into the grass of the yard across from me and started smiling and giving me two thumbs up. 

He was mouthing encouragement and nodding his head and grinning so much that I just felt like I had not choice but to continue on the longer route. 

I am still smiling thinking of this stranger who had no idea how much I wanted to quit just standing there cheering me on. 

You all..seriously… let’s do that. 

Let’s be the guy who steps aside and be encouragers. 

In these times where more often people are stepping away from us in fear of contact, we can add some kind of thumb’s up, smile, word…whatever.

It’s risky.

It’s bold.

Let’s be that <3

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  1. I had a friend who started running competitively at age 60, she won many medals over 10 years, you can do your runs knowing there are others out there who are wishing they had taken the chance when they could have but squibbed out for some reason or other, go girl and look for your neighbour for his encouragement each day for our dear Lord put him there to encourage you to be brave and continue to achieve your goal for such a time as this. It is a tough time in USA right now but God is on your side, trust Him over all, I do here in OZ.

    1. Thank you. You have NO IDEA how your words of encouragement have touched me today! NO IDEA. It has been a long day and indeed we look for the encouragement of our God and His people – like you <3 Thank you!

  2. This may surprise you but to me… this was one of your best! It encouraged me, it made me smile, it made me think, it is exactly what we should all be doing today and in the days ahead.. let’s love each other, let’s be a positive presence in each other’s lives and lift each other up. Stranger or friend. ❤️ Happy November

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