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A Pauper’s Prayer


Heavenly Father,
It is Saturday and I have a rather lengthy list to accomplish. And really, it is all doable….if I would just start.

But I don’t.

I ponder the best way to do this and that thing…I think of how much better other people I know would be doing the things that need to be done.

How they don’t even have to do some of the things that need to be done because they never let life pile up the way I do.

In my mind, I see first one friend and then another, their houses…their lives….and the specter of all those out there who do things so much more perfectly, efficiently, effectively…grows larger than You in my reality.

I am defeated before I begin.

Because I know I won’t be able to do it the way they do…

Because I worship the god of comparison instead of the God who has blessed me with all that I should be setting my hand to do.

I …

hit the pantry up for a snack…

create a new project…

make a few more lists….

select the easiest task and drag it out for the whole day….

avoid doing the things that need to be done by doing…


And I trade running my own race for imagining how well others run theirs.

So I drag this sorry self to the foot of the Cross…once, twice….a thousand times a day….and I thank you for Your grace.

I humble myself once again, admitting the humiliation of such an ignoble way to fall.

In the mundane chores of life….

I need Thee….oh I need Thee….

every hour…



I need Thee <3

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  1. Thanks. I too suffer from this at times! We are all human, but His grace enables us to muddle through the mundane.. Like you say.. Just keep our eyes and heart looking at the Son!

    1. I marvel at writings from the past centuries where this same struggle is expressed. We think so much of our battle is related to the current culture but it is really just our human nature warring against what God has brought about in transforming us…we are a work in progress, to be sure!!! bless you <3

  2. Laura, if you would get out of my head you could move on. Scary how I think you are talking about me!

    1. Actually…I almost didn’t even publish that because I was thinking…NO ONE is going to understand this struggle I have just about every single day of my life…and if I remember to keep asking Him for help, even for the simplest things…He is faithful to help one like me <3
      Love you bunches!

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