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Watching and waiting

IMG_5603I would love to take credit for this photo, but it was from my friend Cindie this weekend.

And so I thank her with all my heart because for me…truly…as much as I love words…I am a picture person.

In fact, the reason I use SO many words SO often is because I want to try and paint a picture for my listener of the thoughts I am trying to convey.

So when she sent me this one…I laughed at the story behind it, but my spirit recognized that this represents a selfie for what it looks like to be watching and waiting in prayer.

Eager anticipation…

remaining still and yet poised for action…

the coming alongside of another to wait with you…

faces to the window…

scanning the horizon for the answer…


Believing that seeing is going to happen any moment.

Waiting is not passivity that is meant to be filled with any kind of distraction that could help pass the time for those of us who wait on the Lord….

No…waiting is an active and strong anticipation that is fueled by the fervent belief that at any moment, our God is going to show up and we most assuredly DO NOT want to miss it when He does!

But as for me, I will watch expectantly for the LORD; I will wait for the God of my salvation. My God will hear me.          Micah 7:7    NASB


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