A quick hello on a Monday <3


Good morning to you!

We had such a full and fun weekend and while it would be great to give you a recap, I have a mission this morning. 

Joel started a gymnastics class a few week’s ago and asks his mom every Monday morning if any of “his people” are going to come watch him. 

I can’t stand it. 

He calls us “his people.” 

The cuteness of that undoes me.

Thus I am getting ready very quickly this morning and braving winter to get up there and watch that little tumbler for a half hour and then drive home and do Monday stuff. 

But I wanted to leave you a little something to encourage you in your walk today so here is my current pep talk to myself penned in black sharpie on a big post it note. 

It’s far easier to read it then do it, but I am determined to ask God to help me with this and I will do better today than yesterday in His strength:


  •  complain or argue


  • SINK into complacency
  • COMPARE your circumstances
  • COMPLAIN about situations

DO everything:

  • WITHOUT complaining or arguing Philippians 2:14


  • surrendered
  • praising
  • cordial
  • benevolent
  • peaceable

Wish me luck, my people, and I will see you tomorrow.


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