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A remix that still holds true…at the end of this day <3

Happy Wednesday to you <3

I am running behind and buried under a whole bunch of mail, laundry and dirty dishes…so here is one I found back in the archives that still holds true today <3

Originally posted in May of 2014 …. and I am hoping at the end of THIS day…I have cleared the kitchen counter, ironed a shirt or two and removed a layer of dust off the furniture!

I wrote it as I thought about the guys I have heard use this expression. The good ones, who fight the good fight every day out there in the real world of the workplace.

Your families are blessed by your integrity…your steadfastness…

God bless you all who are slugging it out in the “rat race” today….remember…the rats don’t win.

Have a great day and I will work on some fresh words for tomorrow <3

At the End of the Day     originally posted May 30, 2014 

It must have started in board rooms because I hear it mostly from men who work long hours inside the walls of the corporate world.

Inside the walls of a world that I have never had to cope with.

Where deals are made and kingdoms are built …..

for a time….

for a season…

until new players take the field and new deals and kingdoms are on the line.

At the end of the day, ______________” ….

they say.

And it’s all about realizing priorities.

It’s used by men I know who seem to know that in the end, it’s important to really know what really matters.

It speaks of wisdom that comes with years.

At the end of the day_____________”…..

they say.

And it seems that this always leads to some kind of insight about relationships.

Relationships with God, with family, with friends.

“At the end of the day”, they say.

And they speak about realizing that success is really measured in how much was surrendered, not compromised.

At the end of the day….“, they say.

And there is a quiet strength and a resolve to start again tomorrow with the same integrity…

the same dedication…

the same faith that carried them to …….


the end of the day….today  <3


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