What did you want to be when you grew up?


Photo by Rachel Maxwell

Emmett told me last week he is going to be a Bug Hunter when he grows up.

I told him that’s a big money maker, right there, and I asked him if he would buy us a house on the beach when he hits the jackpot.

He said sure.

I love kids’ minds for this reason.

They are completely unhindered by the concept that we end up melding what we wanted to do with the complications of salary, work ethic, need for insurance and pension planning…they just know what they like to do and they hope to do it when they reach that magical age of “grown up”.

My mom used to say that I ended up being exactly what I said repeatedly I wanted to be when I grew up.

A wife and a mom.


Only I didn’t realize as a little girl that those weren’t jobs.

They are relationships.

All the hours I spent training in my play kitchen…washing dishes and setting plastic food out on the table…

giving my dolls baths and dressing them in clothes that never got soiled.

Ironing tiny clothes that never got wrinkled on a miniature ironing board with a toy iron that never got hot.

All those tasks that would make up the doing part of being a wife and a mom.

I loved playing at them and I have actually loved doing them for real.

They are the language of the love that would accompany those roles.

The love I didn’t know would make up the purpose of what I wanted to be when I grew up.

It isn’t always easy and I certainly had no way of preparing myself for the task.

But I thank God that He allowed me to become the thing He set in my heart to be.

Whatever God has called you to do …. or be…do it with your whole heart…as if in service unto Him…whether it’s bug hunting or loving your people…let it be always as a fragrant offering to Him … who calls us and equips us to do what He purposed us to do <3

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