A timely word is the Word <3


Good morning friends,

This will be quick and hopefully free of typos that I cringe to see later. Russ and I are scurrying about to get our morning things done and get to a funeral. A sweet friend to him whose life ended far too soon in our minds. But we trust God. He is good and kind and He knows the span of each of our lives and if she had been spared, we would have praised Him so we know He is sovereign still in HIs timing to take her to Him now. 

As always, it is those left behind we pray for as they miss her and sorrow for her. 

But make no mistake. 

God cares. Down to every detail of every life. 

Case in point, as I have begun reading through the Bible this year and daily read the portion I feel led to cover, I continually run into the passages in other places. 

  1. I listened to the very beginnings of a now 3rd season podcast and they were covering the sacrifices as I was trying to wade through Leviticus. 

2. I wrote to you of the sin of unbelief and not trusting God as taught in the desert and the spies reports and the next day I was called to help Graham study his material for Bible class and it was this very passage. 

3. My beloved French teacher from high school who God has given me to be a big sister when my own flesh and blood one has been AWOL for several years of my life sent me a book of writings by Elisabeth Elliot about having a Quiet Heart for Valentines Day. As I sat down and opened the pages, several of the first essays refer to the same passages of Scripture I wrote about and helped Graham study. 


I think not. 

I think as I have set aside the time and dedicated the first 47 days of 2023 to reading God’s Word, He has shown up to say He sees me. He will help me understand the difficult passages and he cares deeply about the people I love. 

I see Him smile as I run into something I read about earlier in some random place or conversation or reading.

He is alive. 

He is active. 

He loves you so dearly. 

And you are rather special to me as well. I pray today He speaks to you in the ways you understand and that you recognize His voice and receive His love for you as His child



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