Monday check in <3

I didn’t write on Friday because I was tired and not feeling well and I figured me trying to come up with something to say was pointless…but I thought about you and I missed stopping in here.

Saturday I finally turned the corner on this virus thing and felt alive again and I am so grateful. We had tentative planned a visit from Tia, Jack and Rocco plus a potential overnight with the Fab Four. And with a resurgence of vitality, I was up for the challenge.

So yesterday we had crock pots of soup, chili and roast with veggies going by the time we left for church. We came home and got ready for a house full of family, though sadly once again we were missing our Texas boy and dad who had to work.

We enjoyed being outside and are all ready for spring even though we are sad we never had a good snow to play in. The boys played football and Tia and Caroline had a wild chase on the playground. I was deemed too old and slow to participate, which I gladly accepted.

Joel wanted to bake cupcakes and is proving a champ at egg cracking and running the mixer…when sis let’s him have a turn…

I recruited this staff of excellent icers to finish the task…

They were quite thorough and resisted the urge to lick their fingers until all six cupcakes were completed. Hygiene is life.

Mommy had headed home by the time we rounded this crew up for a photo.

We waved goodbye to our St. Louis branch and headed in for baths, the all-star game and stories. Oh and Pringles and Bugles, cause it is an overnight.

This morning was the famous waffle bar with Papi monitoring the whipped cream and sprinkles.

We are getting ourselves pulled together and will be heading out for a hike and pizza at Sam’s soon.

It’s all high class here…best. day. ever. <3

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