A slice of life around here lately <3

photo by Rachel Maxwell

It’s been a while since I just caught you up on the whirlwind that is our band of brothers and little miss Caroline.

Papi and I are burning a lot of that cheap gas they are pumping here in Illinois….tongue in cheek…and while the news lately reminds me more of an episode of the old Get Smart show as we gun down balloons and figure out how to balance trillions of dollars in debt, life with the kiddos is marching on at a pace that makes the head spin.

So here are a few photos and stories to take your mind off things that would weigh heavy on the heart.

We have been driving hither and yon (and watching online when we were in Florida) as our dream team continues the march toward a state championship. Every game has been a nail biter and we are loving every minute of it.

This photo was at the end of a looonnnggggg day Saturday. Thankful Rachel asked us to pause for it. Love this little goober and how he loves being part of the team.

Caroline is a number one fan and even gets an occasional perk by hanging around the team.

Seeing our four enjoying friends and school after the past few years puts a lump in our throats every day. This school experience has been a mighty answer to many prayers and we are so thankful for it.

Our little man Graham did suffer a concussion last week in practice and had to sit the bench for practices for a while. He hung out with us on Friday and Papi took him to our neighbor Buki’s restaurant.

Everyone local knows we are always sharing posts for them and with good reason. The food is great and they treat customers so well.

Papi said you would have thought Graham was a visiting dignitary and Buki let him pick a dessert out of the case…

I would say he chose well.

Sunday we welcomed two new dudes into the Kingdom as Joel and Emmett were baptized. This was Sis’s reaction when she saw them come out into the baptismal area.

She scooted up for a front row seat and clapped along with a beautiful collection of friends and family that were able to make it that day to see these two make their profession of faith.

Rachel and Zach both spoke such good words over them and Zach baptized Emmett, while Joel asked of big brother Graham to do the honors. Not a dry eye in the house.

Joel must have been on tip toe because after he was immersed and came up with a beaming face of joy, he literally swam to Emmett and out of the waters.

Yesterday was Valentines parties and again we smiled big but tears of joy brimmed as we watched them open their bags after school.

It was quite a project to get them focused back on homework…

although apparently in Kindergarten you get a free pass on it for “Valentimes Day”

I got another year’s shot at making my favorite Valentine dinner…the infamous heart shaped pizza.

Still got it after all these years….

Well, I think that is about it.

No wonder the end of the evenings find Lolapapi on their respective chairs, under cozy blankets with sleepy eyes and a book.

We don’t want to miss a minute because the years are fleeing…grabbing all the selfies I can with this one who started the whole “grand” journey

We are grateful for the every day moments and treasure them up to remind us of God’s faithfulness. He is good and kind and we are rich for the love of family and friends <3

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