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A Word to the Wise


Today is going to be a quick one! 

I promise…I may even set my timer so I stay short on words! 

I have been reading a book that belonged to my aunt. Written by Charles Stanley and published in 2002, it is called “Walking Wisely.” 

It is written clearly and simply and yet profoundly. 

A couple of weeks ago I took it with me when I watched the kiddos and I shared a little bit about it. We actually had a good discussion and then yesterday we got to apply it.

Graham had to go somewhere with his mom and shortly after they left, I heard a scuffle going on between Emmet and Joel.

Joel was wearing one of those wrist bands basketball players wear and Emmett told me it was Graham’s and he doesn’t like them to wear them. 

Joel was pretty convincing and confident that it was fine for him to do it. 

I didn’t know who to believe so I just reminded Joel about making wise decisions and suggested he think ahead to when Graham got home and how it would go for him if he was still wearing the wrist band. 

I went to pull Caroline out of whatever life threatening situation she was about to get herself into when I heard Emmett announce that Joel had taken it off. 


It actually worked. 

I was so inspired I applied it to my own decisions as the day progressed. 

Apparently this godly wisdom thing is a real deal. 

Let’s try it more often, shall we?

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