And we are off to the races yet again…. <3


I never know who may stop by on a given day, so I like showing up.

Summer is fleeting by at rapid speed and some kind of insane spontaneity gripped me yesterday and I thought since we had back to back days of being with the kiddos, why not bring them home after Caroline’s nap and just hang here and have an overnight thrown in.

I had forgotten kids go from zero to 90 when the first rays of sunlight hit there sweet little faces.

I had forgotten that all four of these treasures are verbal and very passionate and soooooo full of energy.

So we have had a whopper of a monopoly game going, eaten our weight in waffles and whipped cream, have a load of laundry humming and Papi and I are squeezing in showers and getting dressed between all the plans being made and breaking up skirmishes.

And I am reminded to remind young parents…these years with children are chock full of so much care for them that it can seem like you will never get anything done and you can’t seem to stay ahead and your mind is so packed with putting out fires it is easy to think this is the way it will always be.

It isn’t.

So take a deep breath, enjoy the best, say “This too shall pass” for the worst and soldier on.

We love you, next generation who is raising the next generation for you.

We support you.

We cheer you on.

And as a PS…the pic at top makes me laugh, but seriously there is a blood donor shortage so for anyone who CAN give, please do <3

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  1. Diane and I just kept an 8-month old for 3 days. Brought back my memories (LOL) but so glad those days are over.

    1. True, true, true!
      We love having our grands here, but have mercy…when we are all picked up again and sitting quietly reading, we understand why God gives us seasons and raising children is for the young <3

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