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Another life lesson from the road

IMG_8340So it’s Friday and as we wrap another week, here’s a little lesson the Lord thunked me on the head with today.

It involves a traffic situation, so let me set it up for you….

please picture this in your mind because it will make the point clearer…

and there is a point.

On the two lane side street between a couple of major arteries in our town, there is an entrance to the Y on the right that is about two car lengths before the entrance to the hospital on the left as you head east.

Which is the direction I was headed early this morning.

A car was waiting to turn in front of me to enter the Y parking lot. Behind him were three cars piled up waiting for him to make his turn.

The car ahead of me wanted to turn left into the hospital. But it couldn’t because of…the workout guy waiting to turn and the cars lined up behind him.

I had stopped to leave the entrance to the Y open since basically I would be stuck blocking it if I moved forward…because…hospital girl was trying to turn left…as I mentioned…

I motioned for the car that was holding everything up to go ahead and turn.

Since  all the other cars were kind of out of his line of vision, he was hesitant…like…why would I let him turn in front of me when I had the right of way??

I kept motioning with my hand for him to go…..finally he waves all full of gratitude and turns into the Y grinning like he had won the lottery; completely oblivious that he had been holding up two lanes of traffic and we were the ones who were happy.

With him out of the way, the other cars could move, the girl ahead of me could turn and I was finally on my way.

And this where God spoke to me…….

I wonder how often, when things have gone well and fallen into place for me and I thought how God was just watching over me and I have declared what a blessing He had given me…ME…that it wasn’t about ME at all…it was about getting me out of the way of other people’s progress.

Think about it.

I did.

It made me laugh a little…and feel a little less privileged for the things that have gone well and a little more grateful for the times He has cleared the path for me by giving someone else smooth passage so that He could get me out of my jam.

So often when I am stuck in some kind of hopeless circumstance, I see people sailing through life around me with what seems like free passes.

And I can get resentful.

Because somehow my flesh can start convincing me that they are somehow more loved and favored and blessed by God then I am.

And that is so contrary to His Word.

All of us…have fallen short

All of us…receive underserved, unearned, unmerited GRACE through Jesus Christ

All of us…are to walk by faith and not by sight

All of us…are blessed, favored, loved and cared for by our Father through the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus Christ.

So whether you are having smooth passage or are caught in a gridlock of despair this Christmas season…you are blessed because He says you are.

Now …. start your engines and let’s…..

journey onward     <3




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