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Don’t blink…


Wednesday morning as I sat with my coffee and journal and stack of books, I was deep in thought.

I would underline and then copy quotes into my notebook and then write out my own thoughts…pondering hard on the things of God. Suddenly my phone let me know a text had come through.

I glanced over and saw it was from one of my friends. She had texted several of us and sent a picture of the most amazing sky with a note that the sun was displaying God’s glory on her side of town. I was admiring her view when suddenly it hit me….

We live on the same side of town…so I whipped my head around and sure enough…the sky was breathtaking.

My journal had my heart spilled all over the pages and here God was spilling His glory right beside me.

I went out back and took a picture myself and then went back to my studies.

A few minutes later I glanced out to see how the colors were progressing and the sky was slate gray.


The glimpse of glory was gone.

And I thanked God for my friend to have followed the prompting of God to share His beauty with us.

Whether my view is bursting with vibrant pinks, oranges and blues or is gray on gray, His glory is established.

But His glimpses have to be caught and truly…more than ever…when we catch sight of His glory we need to let others know.

If God has given you some delight…some treasure…some glimmer of His beauty…share it with others. There might be somebody like me sitting at a table praying to see God at work in her life and missing the best show in town right outside her window.

God bless you with glimpses of His amazing beauty and friends and loved ones to share it with <3

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