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Remembering Carl


Five years ago today, I set aside the massive Christmas To Do list.

I put the brakes on everything that I had thought needed to be done.

And I sat next to my dad’s bed at the nursing home most of the day.

I had done this twice before; with my mom and my aunt, so I knew the drill.

One of our  young pastors was delivering baskets from the church and ended up being one of the first people we knew to know and share the day outside of family.

Later a dear friend came with coffee and sat with me mostly in silence, talking when we needed to.

I got to call our kids and hold the phone up so they could say goodbye.

I got to do the same for my sister who had been estranged from him and she made her peace.

I got to thank him for everything he had done for me and us and his family.

He hadn’t been able to speak a word for at least a month and that day he just laid with his eyes closed breathing from the oxygen…but I know he heard us in his heart.

He had come to us seven years before in the ugly part of Alzheimer’s.

It was rough, to say the least, and we learned the truth of why you find laughter in the worst situations….because the awful needs some balance.


I thank God for the support of Russ and the kids – best family ever…

our friends, our church and our sweet and kind God who gave me one last day to see my dad peacefully breathing.

Quietly at rest before He took him Home…early the next day…


….as the morning dawned on what would have been another anniversary without his beloved wife.

Never doubt the kindness of God.

He is faithful.

In all the circumstances of life.

God bless you today as you treasure those you have, remember those who are gone…or grit your teeth and face the ugly of whatever you may have to be dealing with…

God IS holding you and all you love because He IS love <3

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    1. Thank you Michelle <3
      I am glad it encouraged you! God bless you and yours my dear friend. Hugs all around!

  1. Thank you Laura. Good words. Yes, God is holding YOU and me and all WE love. God is faithful and always on time.

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