Anybody notice?

Happy Saturday to you <3

If you studied the pictures on yesterday’s post, you may have noticed something a little different about the three characters of the Nativity.

So as explanation, I am reposting from last January about it.

Blessings on you all today.

Wherever you are … whatever you have to do…may our hearts be tuned to worship the Lamb <3

Reposted from January 27, 2016    

When a Picture is Worth a Few Thousand Words <3


I got a good start on taking down Christmas trim and getting it back in boxes yesterday.

Right about now, half of you are like nodding your head and the other half are gasping like…she still has her Christmas stuff out????

Am I right?

And those of you who put yours away several weeks ago would hyperventilate if you saw my method.

I have been moving things a few at a time to various collection spots and yesterday made several dozen trips carrying the last of it to the basement.

It was piled all over the floor and ping pong table.

Then I pulled out all the green tubs and started finding where stuff should go.


I can overcomplicate the simplest of tasks.

It’s a sickness.

Or a gift…not sure…


I have three separate boxes that hold the various cast members of a folk art nativity.

One for the wise men, one for the shepherd/animals and one for the holy family.

I boxed up Joseph, Mary and Jesus first and then went to search for the contents of the shepherd set.

That’s when I find baby Jesus all snuggled under His colorful quilt in the manger.

Wait a minute…who did I put in with his mom and dad???


Let’s just say…progress was delayed on the packing away as I knelt on the floor of the basement amidst all that was Christmas 2015 and had a little worship service….

He IS the Lamb of God …. after all…

the perfect, unblemished Lamb of God…

who takes away the sins of the world…

Praise Him!

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