April Madness…running for their lives <3

If you know me, you know how I feel about….running…

As in, my standard quote in regard to the suggestion is…

I wouldn’t run if my pants were on fire.

But then I saw…


and I knew I could do it for them.

So Russ and I signed up and we are training for the 5K

(OK…he runs more than that 3 – 4 days a week so he’s probably good…but me…well…)

And since right now, I know you are asking…

How can I be a part of this awesomeness???


here you go….

You can….

…..sign up with WBGL team and run/fundraise too.

…..donate to Russ or to me or just straight to WBGL team. Go to Illinois Marathon with Hope for Justice — -{and would someone PLEASE teach me how to get web links added into posts???} and either search for one of our names, buy a t-shirt or just donate to the cause!

…pray – seriously – Sure, pray for us as we train (these feet weren’t made for running people!) but more importantly pray for those who are victims of human trafficking here in the US and around the world. Pray for those who work in ministry in these areas and pray for those who perpetrate this evil…for their hearts to be turned and for repentance!

….pray about what YOU can do/who you can support in an on-going way.

Two ministries that I feel are credible and are working to rescue girls and women are:

Global Servants  @globalservants.org    Select: House of Grace Thailand and House of Grace Ghana on website

She is Safe     @sheissafe.org

Thanks for considering if God is prompting to you to do something…and now…

I’ve got to…


run…tell me you didn’t see that coming <3



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  1. You just crack me up…always! I am SO encouraged by your blog entries daily…love receiving them! Glad our mutual friend, Kelly B. introduced me to your blog…I, too don’t ‘run’, but I sure can help fund your event, as your heart is touched to serve others! God bless you and have a great day in the grace of the Lord!

    1. Oh my goodness!! Thank you for your sweet note!! I never know who (if anyone) reads this stuff! You have encouraged me greatly!!!!

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