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Sea what I did there…

Well we can all be thankful the wind has finally settled down here on the prairie.

Oh sure…it’s raining to beat the band…


but no wind.

So in my book that’s worthy of a Hallelujah!

Every region has its beauty and I can appreciate God’s amazing creation wherever I go on this earth, but there is something about the ocean ….


that resonates with my soul.

It doesn’t matter if the beaches are white and fine as sugar and the sun is shining in a cloudless blue…


or if the substance under my feet looks like pea gravel and the churning tide rises up to meet the grayest of skies.


If I had the money I would buy a shack just past the sea grass and furnish it with shells and driftwood.

I count it a rich blessing that I have been able to spend time on beaches up and down both coasts of the USA and I have loved every moment.

Fond among my memories are those when our family was able to share time by the surf, thanks to a husband who would prefer to vacay elsewhere but lovingly took us there in answer to our pleas for yet another beach visit.


Despite warnings of sharks, jelly fish and the dreaded undertow; I am always happy when several brave soldiers join me in jumping waves.

Out we go, riding over the tops or diving into the center of them. Laughing, snorting out salt water from our noses, readjusting our suits and eagerly facing the next big one.

We have no way to keep track of time and so eventually will glance back to see if our people are still watching our stuff on shore…

only to find that we are now quite a distance down the way from them.


As we played, the current pulled us subtly along and everything we love is just a pin dot off in the far distance.

There is no swimming back the way we came.

Nothing but, we must swim or let a wave carry us to land and then begin the long walk back to where we started.

We also live in a strong current of the world around us.

It influences us and pulls us along…sometimes because we join in…sometimes because we are just overwhelmed by it.

It can pull us away from our foundation; from what is dearest to us.


We really can’t swim against it and we sure don’t want to keep going with the flow of it.

So when you and I look up and see that somehow…whether by choice or just by distraction, we have drifted from God’s hand of protection…it’s time to head on in…and make that walk back.


I have always found it to be true, whenever there is a sense of distance between me and God….He never moved.


And I am so thankful He is always waiting for me when I return <3

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  1. I loved this one! I love the smell of the air on the beach and the relaxation I find there. A few weeks ago my daughter and granddaughters face timed me so I could spend a few minutes with them at the beach. (They live in Naples, FL) It was awesome! I liked your analogies in today’s lesson. You are such an encouragement to me. Thank you for sharing what God lays on your heart!

    1. Oh yes!! All of those things. It soothes the soul and reminds me that all my little days are part of something so much bigger. Thank you Sharon! God bless you <3

  2. Did not know how much you too loved the beach! Yet another “thing” we share!!!!

    1. Oh my yes….as much as I love the beauty of the Midwest…it’s my happy place <3

    1. Had so many pics of that day but just had to use the one of all of us together…what a fun day that was…laughed so hard looking at the pictures <3

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