As John Denver would say….hey it’s good to be back home again…

Russ and I took a few days to visit the Windy City and I have to say, for all the hype…Chi town got nothing on the wind coming off the prairie down state.

But we did have fun exploring the city and here are a few pictures and observations before I go switch out the laundry and pack my lunch and such for work…

We took the train which was a fun slice of life and much easier than fighting traffic and finding parking in the city.

We had in-depth conversations with each of our driver’s and loved our Sunday visit with a sweet taxi driver from Ghana who was playing Christian music. I told him I liked his station and he smiled and said Yes…Moody Bible…loved it.

We also were treated like royalty by the young men and women who worked the various areas of the hotel and so many nice waiters and servers and such…but we missed our people and kept up with them through texts and calls and Face Time … because aren’t we blessed to be able to stay in touch with family and friends when we travel?

We fulfilled one of my wishes and found Millennium Park so we could have our picture taken with the bean – which I actually just goggled to make sure that is what it is called since I have a tendency to make names of things up and then convince myself that is what everyone calls it.

Rest assured…I have fact-checked and it is indeed a bean.

It was hilarious to watch all these people (us included) taking selfies. It’s the little things, people…

Since we walked a lot, we were able to take in the wide variety of architecture…from old

to modern…


all mixed in together.

We also ate well…of course…

Yet so odd to wander in and out of luxury stores where we had to stifle shocked looks when we took a gander at the price tags…and then pass oh so many people begging for money.

The contrasts of extreme wealth and extreme poverty were magnified on the busy streets and truly made us realize how much we have been given.

How blessed we are…

in so many ways.

So thankful for the provisions of the Lord and it is humbling to know that all that we have is  a gift from the hand of God.

Thankful for you and the chance to share a little of the journey with you.

Be blessed today wherever you are and I will see you tomorrow


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  1. My brother in law is from Ghana but he doesn’t drive a taxi. Even the “Toddling Town” can be used by God for His glory.

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