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As unto the Lord….

In a morning devotion I have been studying, this week’s focus has been working as unto the Lord on all the things. 

Today, one of the prompts was to write down the tasks that are assigned to me in this season. 

My list looked like this:

  • Laundry
  • Cleaning
  • Meal planning and preparing
  • Tending gardens/flowers
  • Helping with grandchildren
  • Supporting and encouraging Russ and our adult children and friends
  • Prayer Team duties for Intercessory team 
  • Writing post most days of week

Before you think I have my priorities out of whack, we are way behind on laundry and I had started a load before I sat down so that was the first thing that popped in my mind. 

I wracked my brain to think of anything else that takes up my days, but that was it. 

Nothing super exciting or show-stopping…just what takes up the hours as my tasks when I am awake in July of 2021 here on planet earth. 

These things may seem to be getting in the way of grander things that I could do for Jesus, but it was clear in the Scripture this morning that I am to do all things as if I was working for the Lord. 

As I returned my books to their basket and started putting clean clothes away to make room for more that need to be hung to dry, I remembered I had found a hole in the pocket of one of Russ’s favorite pair of jeans. 

I know where the needle and thread are located, and I know how to use them thanks to my mom and grandma teaching me to sew. 

A quick few stitches and that pocket is good to hold some change and the car keys. 

As unto the Lord. 

I’m running menu ideas through my head for Friday night when we will gather and celebrate John’s birthday with some family and friends.

As unto the Lord. 

With an eye on the clock, I am calculating how to get a little note out to you and figuring my time to get a walk in and train those crazy pumpkin vines back from devouring our butterfly garden before I have to shower and head north.

As unto the Lord. 

I think of an attitude I picked up on in one of those fab 4 that I know is not beautiful, so I say a prayer. 

As unto the Lord.

A text from a friend prompts another prayer for a heart that is going through a lot of changes way too fast. 

As unto the Lord. 

The minutes will make up the hours that make another day and at the end it will be tempting to think that I didn’t really contribute much of worth to the Kingdom….but the promise is that a daily walk of faith taken step by step, as unto the Lord, is all I am asked to do. 

I pray today, whatever tasks you put your hand to, you will do so as unto the Lord…and that you will find in your work a blessed communion with Him <3

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  1. Laura, I feel you have left you out of your daily plan, time for you to take a rest, even if only 10 minutes to sit back and tell him how much you love him, as unto the Lord, He doesn’t want you to burn yourself out, I always feel so much better after I have told him of my love for him which I do through out the day and night when I am awake. God bless you Laura, I love your blog. Lynette

    1. I couldn’t agree more! I do make time in my day for periods of rest, a nap, music, exercise, creative outlets, reading…these things make up my day as well and yes, these are also done as unto the Lord! Was thinking more of “tasks” and “chores” and “duties”…often when we are not working at a paid job, we forget that our “work” is still and ordained and sacred place of worship and all is in service to Him <3
      Thank you for your kind words of wisdom that add and expand on that thought of all being done unto the Lord!

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