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When the fifth becomes the fourth…yet there is work to be done <3


Just checking in with my scattered thoughts. 

With a week of vacation that culminated in a holiday weekend that is somehow now still being observed on this glorious Monday morning, I am trying to find a sense of equilibrium. I have an eye on my normal Monday tasks with the addition of start of the month chores that are now five days delayed…and it would seem that a large portion of America is still on holiday while others have moved right on into business as usual. 

Does anyone else struggle with this?

Maybe, maybe not…but it is definitely one of the drawbacks of never having had an actual, bonafide work week experience, I think. 

When you work part time jobs here and there and find purpose and meaning in the chores and tasks of maintaining a home and being where your people need you, “holidays” are kind of blurred. 

So I am trying to do my usual “Monday” things while also packing swim suits and towels and figuring how to tote some of the food that needs to be eaten with us as we head off into Plans A, B and C for the day. 

Which brings me to a strange thought to share, but lately I have been meditating on Moses and a conversation he had with God when the Israelites had really taken messing up to a new level early on in their story of heading to the Promised Land. 

At the beginning of Exodus 33, God tells Moses to carry on with the original plan and promises an angelic escort, but signs off on accompanying the rebellious nation any farther. 

Moses immediately intercedes and asks for God to not abandon them, saying he cannot go on leading the people if God’s Presence does not go with them. 

God responds that yes, in answer to that simple request, His Presence will remain with this group of people who seem to have issues with obedience and trust. 

Yet Moses, as if he hasn’t heard, continues to tell God how he simply cannot keep doing what God has asked him to do if God doesn’t do it with him. 

It’s just kind of sweet the way Moses keeps yammering about how he needs God’s presence and God keeps reassuring him that he’s got it. 

I find myself often doing the same throughout each day. 

Saved and covered by the blood of Jesus, I still find myself checking in…asking if He is with me…waiting for the reassurance in my spirit that He has indeed fulfilled His promise to never leave me nor forsake me. 

Like a child reaching for the hand of a trusted adult, I enter the busy days of life asking for what I already have. 

His patience is inspiring. 

His love is enduring. 

He never takes days off…even when He rests…He is a good Father and I am so thankful <3

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  1. So true, and yet we do keep asking “are you there? I am not sure, let me know “etc! I think lot of us do that. I am a firm believer that one of the biggest messes that Satan has created or jumped in on, is the Internet. I know, I know all the wonderful things we have gotten via the Net. but the biggest mistake is that it has taken us from others. How long will God put up with this? My fear is that we all will lose touch and keep floundering around in our own little spaces, instead of going to sit in the yard with the neighbors( if you can get them outside! ) we will talk about this when you come up! Peace, m

    1. Oh Marjorie!! Yes!!! It is so easy to get our “community” online now instead of interfacing face-to-face! You are so right! It just encourages our selfish ways. I agree with you that we must make the effort to be with people in real time! Thank you for sharing !

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